Toutes blessent, la dernière tue (All hurt, the last kills)

May 8, 2018

• Author : Karine Giebel
• Pages : 744 Sheet
• Publisher : Belfond (29 March 2018)
• ISBN-10 : 2714479502
• ISBN-13 : 978-2714479501
• Product Dimensions: 14,2 x 5,2 x 22,6 cm
• Format Kindle : e-book, Docx and PDF
• Price : € 21,90 FREE !!!
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6/10

Description : “Mom said about me that I was an angel. An angel fallen from the sky. But the falling angels never get up … I know hell in every corner. I could draw it with my eyes closed. I could talk about it for hours. If only I had someone to talk to …

Tama is a slave. She has only known slavery. Prisoner of executioners who ignore pity, she knows how to dream, love, hope. A meeting may change his destiny … To strike, always stronger. Destroy them, one after the other. Kill them all, to the last.

Gabriel is a man who lives apart from the world, with only his demons and his deep bruises.
A dangerous man. One morning, he discovers a stranger who has taken refuge at home. A young woman injured and amnesic. Who is she ? Where is she from ?

Remember who you are. Remember, quickly!
Because soon you will be dead.”

Authors biography
“A great collector of literary prizes and master of psychological thrillers, Karine Giebel was born in 1971. She is the author of Murder for Redemption (collection “Black Rail”, 2006), Bites of the Shadow (Black River, 2007) Intramuros of the 2008 Cognac Festival and SNCF Prize for the 2009 Crime and Blood Dogs (Black River, 2008). For Juste une ombre (Black River, 2012), she received the Francophone Polar Award from the Cognac Festival and the Marseille Prize for the Crime in 2012. Purgatory of the Innocents (Black River, 2013) confirms her talent and consecrates her definitively “queen of the polar “. After Satan was an angel (Black River, 2014), she joined the Belfond editions for the publication of De Force (2016), which was a huge success, of Terminus Elicius (2016) in a new, augmented edition, and then D ‘ shadow and silence (2017), a collection of short stories where she condenses in a few pages all the power of her novels. Karine Giebel’s books have sold more than one million copies to date and are translated into a dozen languages.”