Superbowls les repas santé & équilibrés

May 8, 2018

• Title (English) : Superbowls healthy & balanced meals
• Author : Quitterie Pasquesoone
• Collection : Plaisir et vitamines (Pleasure and vitamins)
• Pages : 128 Sheet
• Publisher : Larousse (May 4, 2016)
• ISBN-10 : 035926513
• ISBN-13 : 978-2035926517
• Product Dimensions: 17,2 x 1,3 x 23,5 cm
• Format Kindle : PDF, Mobipocket and e-Book
• Price : 99,5 FREE !!!
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10

Description : “You want to prepare good healthy dishes, quick to make and of course appetizing: fill up on ideas with 50 recipes superbowls all greedy one than the other!

Each recipe is accompanied by a specific nutritional advice to combine pleasure and balance.
For breakfast: chia pudding, breakfast quinoa, bowls way porridge ..
For the lunch break: kale salad, chicken salad, autumn salad …
For a solo or duo dinner: Lebanese bowl, bowl bibimbap, spaghetti party …
The principle: a first ingredient to form the base of the bowl and 3 topping including at least one super-food!”

Authors biography
“Quitterie is a food and health journalist and culinary writer for 10 years, collaborating with many magazines (Cuisine Actuelle, Vital Food) and branding, and managing cooking and nutrition columns at Eurosport and MCS Bien-être Quitterie is the author of his blog own”