Soeurs (Sisters)

May 27, 2018

• Title English : “Sisters”
• Author : Bernard Minier
• Pages : 480 Sheet
• Publisher : Géo (March 12, 2015)
• Format Kindle : eBook, Paperback and ePUB
• Size of the file : 1606 KB
• Price : 13,99 FREE !!!
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  6/10

Description“Poor fallen souls. I had to kill you … May 1993. Two sisters, Alice, 20, and Amber, 21, are found dead on the banks of the Garonne. Dressed in communion dresses, they face each other, attached to two tree trunks.

The young Martin Servaz, who has just joined the PJ Toulouse, is participating in his first survey. Very quickly, he is interested in Erik Lang, famous author of crime novels at the work as cruel as disturbing.

Were not the two sisters his fans? One of his greatest successes is not called La Communiante? … The affair has an unexpected and violent denouement, leaving Servaz gnawed by the doubt: in this investigation, he believes, a piece lack, an essential piece.

February 2018. On a cold night, the writer Erik Lang discovers his murdered wife … she also dressed in communiante. Twenty-five years after the double crime, Martin Servaz is caught by the case. The shock awakens his first fears. Until the obsession.

A wife, two sisters, three communicants … and if the investigation of 1993 was wrong guilty? For Servaz, the past, resurfacing, will turn into a nightmare. A nightmare written in black ink. Fear, submission, lies, manipulation. Bernard Minier’s new thriller.”


“Bernard Minier”

Authors Biography

“Translated into 20 languages, Bernard Minier is one of the most widely read thrillers in France. The series from Glacé, his first novel, is now being broadcast around the world. Sisters is his sixth novel.

Bernard Minier is a French author of crime novel. Bernard Minier grew up in Montréjeau at the foot of the Pyrenees, then studied in Tarbes and Toulouse before spending a year in Spain. He lives today in Essonne in Île-de-France. He first made a career in the Customs Administration, as principal controller, while participating in news competitions before taking the plunge and sending a novel manuscript to editors.

He publishes his first novel, “Glacé”, in 2011. Hailed by the press Glacé has very quickly enjoyed a wide public success and has been translated or is being translated into a dozen languages, including English. It meets the same success in several European countries.

“Glacé” features Commander Servaz, a deeply human and literate Toulouse police officer, confronted with a series of horrendous and incomprehensible crimes in the Pyrenees in the heart of winter. The novel won numerous prizes, including the Polar Prize at the Cognac Festival and the “Découverte” Polars Pourpres Award. It has been adapted into a television series in 2017.

His second novel, “The Circle”, published in 2012, returns to the same character and is this time in the middle of a small university town in the South West. His novels emphasize oppressive atmospheres, psychological violence and complex characters, as well as “the attention he pays to the decorations, natural in particular.”