Quand ça va ! Quand ça va pas ? Leurs émotions expliquées aux enfants (et aux parents !)

May 27, 2018

• Title English : “When it’s going! When is not it ok? Their emotions explained to children (and parents!)”
• Author : Philippe Grimbert (Author) and Laure Monloubou (Illustrator)
• Pages : 51 Sheet
• Publisher : Clochette [Bell] (March 8, 2018)
• ASIN: B07896QRT5
• ISBN-13: 979-1091965460
Product Dimensions : 21,9 x 0,9 x 28,8 cm
• Format Kindle : PDFMobipocket and eBook
• Price : 15,00 FREE !!!
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  7/10

Description“After ‘Their body explained to children’ by Michel Cymes, one of the great successes in 2017,  here is “THEIR EMOTIONS EXPLAINED TO CHILDREN (and parents!) Written by Philippe Grimbert, the author of” A secret “and psychologist for children. A clear book on the management of emotions, illustrated by Laure Monloubou, for children from 5 years. With explanations dedicated to parents.
What is an emotion? Are there good and bad, must we always express them, can we be too emotional or not enough? In answering these questions, and others, Philippe Grimbert, inthe first pages of the book, gently takes children and parents to a field for which it is often difficult to find the right words.
Through the description of 15 emotions, the author explains to the child with simple words what he feels. On the left page the emotion is described as it is lived in general. On the right page, what to do when the emotion is too intense and it is poorly managed. A “What to Do” box instructs parents about driving and talking in situations that often leave them confused. A complete, precise and playful book to help young and old to make the most of these emotions “which are the salt of life.”

Authors Biography


“Philippe Grimbert”

“Philippe Grimbert is the author of “A secret” sold more than a million copies and adapted to the cinema. He has written several essays around psychoanalysis. Laure Monloubou is the illustrator of the book “When it’s going when it’s not right, their body explained to children” Michel Cymes, sold 35,000 copies in 2017.

Philippe Grimbert is a French writer and psychologist. After studying psychology, Philippe Grimbert spent about ten years in analysis with a Lacanian, before opening his own practice. He also works in two medical-educational institutes, in Asnières and Saint-Cloud, with autistic or psychotic adolescents.

Passionate about music, dance and computer science, he has published various essays, including “Psychoanalysis of the song” (Belles Lettres, 1996) and “No smoke without Freud” (Armand Colin, 1999).

He is also the author of novels, “The girl of the being” (1998), “The little dress of Paul” (2001), “A secret” (2004) which was adapted to the cinema (with Patrick Bruel and Cécile de France in the main roles) and who was awarded the 2004 Goncourt High School Students’ Prize, the Lectrices de Elle Award and the Wizo Prize in 2005, “The Bad Encounter” (2009), “A Singular Boy” (2011), “For God Sake !” (2014), “Rudik, the other Nureyev” (2015).”