September 2, 2018

• Author : Jo Nesbø and Céline Romand-Monnier
• Pages : 624 Sheet
• Publisher : Gallimard (September 13, 2018)
Collection : Série noire
• ISBN-10 : 2072786053
• ISBN-13 : 978-2072786051
• Format Kindle : PDF, ibook, DOCx and Epub
• Price : 21,00
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

♦ Description : “In an industrial city ravaged by poverty and crime, the new police chief Duncan embodies the hope of change. Helped by Macbeth, the commander of the Guard, the elite unit of intervention, he intends to rid the city of his plagues, in the forefront of which figure Hecate, powerful drug baron. But it is to ignore old resentment or personal jealousy, and individual ambitions. . . which Lady, patron of the Inverness casino and ambitious mistress of Macbeth. Why would he just crumb when he could take Duncan’s place? She then invites the prefect and prominent politicians to an evening organized in his casino. An evening where you have to bet everything on red or black. Loyalty or power. The night or the blood.”

Author Biography


Jo Nesbø”

“Jo NESBO born on March 29, 1960 in Oslo, is a Norwegian writer and screenwriter, author of crime novel and children’s and youth literature. Musician, author-performer, economic journalist, Norwegian Jo Nesbø is also a writer. He was propelled to the literary scene in 1997 with his first title The Bat Man who received the award for Best Nordic Detective Novel 1998. Jo Nesbo is the number 1 thriller writer in Norway. Translated to many countries, it is fast becoming one of the big names of the international crime scene. Nesbø, after Mankell or Indridason, is the new punch-shaped revelation of this Scandinavian literature which never ceases to surprise. The breath is there! The characters, the tone, the universe and the thickness of the intrigues. There was the American school and the neo polar. There is now the black school of cold.

With Nesbø, the reader sees, in an unprecedented telescoping, the cultures of northern Europe and those of Thailand or Australia. His fierce and intuitive Harry Hole character is an excellent inspector who never lets go of it. His hierarchy, regularly anxious to evict him, sends him to the four corners of the globe to face impossible stories, mix of facts, politics and history … Far from the eyes, away from the heart … Error! Hole, like a cat abandoned a thousand miles away, always comes home. With new wounds but still alive.

In France, it was first published by Gaïa and now published by Gallimard Série Noire. On the occasion of the release of the volume The Leopard in Folio Policier in April 2012, the publishing house took the opportunity to propose a new edition of the previous titles with a new typo on the cover. In March 2014, the whole collection comes out with a jacket. He also writes novels for youth. In 2011, his novel Le Chasseur de tête was adapted to the cinema by director Morten Tyldum. Boreal Prize / Lower Normandy Region of the Nordic Crime 2015.”