L’héritage de tata Lucie

July 29, 2018

• Title English : The legacy of tata Lucie
• Author : Philippe Saimbert
• Pages : 274 Sheet
• Publisher : Philippe Salamagnou (March 27, 2014)
• ISBN-13 : 979-1091097147
Product Dimensions : 14 x 1,6 x 21,6 cm
• Format Kindle : PDF, EPub and Ebook
• Price : 9,99
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

♦ Description : “ROMAN OF HUMOR IN BEARN – A story of incredible heritage in the heart of Béarn. “The legacy of tata Lucie” was greeted by a publication at the Club France Loisirs, the heart of the book fair of Orthez in 2010, the coup de coeur Fnac booksellers in 2012 (pocket version), the coup de heart of Kobobooks in March 2014


The Republic of the Pyrenees: “The verve of Frédéric Dard and the atmosphere of Pagnol”
Liliba reads: “I absolutely loved this book, which is truly irresistible from start to finish. ”
Evening story: “… his writing, funny but always neat, make a novel public without fault, well put together, perfect for a moment of relaxation. Hilarious ! ”
The words of Pascale: “A novel that warms our hearts cheerfully unpretentious but with a quill comical, energetic. ”

Read-view-create: “In a nutshell a little reading, a dialogue to the” Audiard “and a quest strewn with pitfalls. ”
Mamzellesweety: “The characters come alive, argue, think for our greatest happiness. Book that devours itself. An excellent moment of frank fun, a real refreshment. ”

Tata Lucie is a bother. In her lifetime she was not a saint, but once dead, she surpasses herself to rot the life of her family. The will is clear: to touch the inheritance, his nephews must settle with all their family in the house of the deceased. And it’s not a palace! Tata Lucie has reserved another surprise for them, a kind of incredible treasure hunt, feet in the mud. Welcome to the countryside! It is certain, the dear nephews are not going to be bored and, in the heart of Béarn, they are trained in an adventure which they are not likely to forget … But what would not be done to touch the jackpot? ?
Comic of situation, tasty dialogues and theatrical strokes follow each other until the final orchestrated by the dear tata Lucie. A denouement necessarily amazing.


After the success of “The legacy of Tata Lucie”, sold more than 70,000 copies, Philippe Saimbert presents a new comedy full of suspense.

The terrible cousin Abeline, as rich as original, invites friends and family in her field to make a strange proposal. She offers them a game where the participants will have to be funny and mischievous.
She will yield half of her fortune to whoever wins the challenge.
11 guests. 11 snakes. The winner will be the one who will bite the strongest.
Shots of theaters, comical and sometimes cruel scenes will be linked to the inevitable final twist.”


Philippe Saimbert”

Authors Biography

“Philippe Saimbert is a novelist and screenwriter. Passionate about literature, comics, rock and cinema, the author has since 1999 signed several comics and novels at various publishers. Saimbert likes mixing genres, giving flesh to the characters and … developing surprising ends.

Philippe Saimbert is a novelist and screenwriter. He has already signed since 1999 a dozen comic books in areas as varied as fantasy, thriller, SF and humor, such as:
– The processionaries (Fantastic), Break Point (Thriller) and The screaming mists (Thriller) at Glénat editions.
– The souls of Helios (Science-Fiction) at Delcourt
– Goal games (Humor) at Joker

His high-quality poles at Albin Michel, Break Point and The Screaming Mists, and his series Helios Souls at Delcourt brought him notoriety. For the latter, he collaborates with Roberto Ricci, a young Italian cartoonist. Far from the consensual and sweet series, The Souls of Helios presents a cruel and totalitarian world, a distorted reflection of our daily life.

In 2010 was published a humor novel in Béarn entitled: The legacy of tata Lucie at City Editions. His latest book written in collaboration with Lozérienne Isabelle Muzart, The Wagon is a thrilling novel, which evokes at the same time the works of Agatha Christie (Ten little Negroes, the Crime of Orient-Express), while bathing in a Fantastic atmosphere worthy of the Blair Witch Project. A short film inspired by this novel, produced by Cantina Films, will be released in October 2011.

Saimbert likes mixing genres, giving flesh to the characters and … developing surprising ends. His goals are to multiply his artistic horizons and try to adapt his novel (and other scenarios) for the cinema. By trying to interest the various actors of the cultural life in Aquitaine.”

The Tombs
🛑 Genre :_Fiction⏱ Release Date :_2013-07-30


-Clive Cussler-







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Description : Enlisted by an archaeologist friend to help excavate a top-secret historical site, husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo discover clues alluding to the hidden tomb and treasure of Attila the Hun and embark on a high-stakes chase through numerous countries, where they are pitted against dangerous adversaries. Reprint. 750,000 first printing. "The Tombs" written by Clive Cussler with ISBN_13 9780425265079 and ISBN_10 0425265072 with total page sheets [-439-]. Category 'Fiction' with reference number f5bZCwAAQBAJ published G.P. Putnam's Sons |2013-07-30|."