Les leçons du pouvoir de François Hollande

May 20, 2018

• Title English : The lessons of the power of François Hollande
• Author : François Hollande
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Description“For the first time since leaving the Élysée, François Hollande explains himself. He draws the human and political lessons from a unique experience.
How does a president live from day to day? How does he slice in the heat of the moment? How is it acting on the international scene? How did he decide, to redress the country, to incur unpopularity and misunderstanding among his people?
Faced with the trials that have bloodied our country, he gives his intimate feelings and shares with us, through the striking portraits of the world’s leading leaders, the major challenges of the planet. He delivers sharp views on the crisis
European democracy and the future of the reformist left.
In his public life, as in the folds of his private life, without shamelessness but without false recourse, he also confesses his regrets. He finally reveals the reasons that led him to not represent himself and details the complex relationships he has with Emmanuel Macron.
A rare document on the exercise of power that any citizen and any reader curious of the human experience of the great leaders will read with passion.”


“François Hollande”

Authors biography
“François Hollande was President of the Republic from May 15, 2012 to May 14, 2017.

7th President of the 5th French Republic from May 2012 to May 2017, François Hollande succeeds Nicolas Sarkozy and precedes Emmanuel Macron.

His life … François Hollande was born on August 12, 1954 in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Graduate of a law degree at the Faculty of Paris, François Hollande continues his studies in the capital at the Institute of Political Studies and at HEC. After his military service, he joined the National School of Administration (ENA), from where he was 7th in the Voltaire promotion (1978-80) and then chose to be auditor of the Court of Accounts.

He chairs the support committee of François Mitterrand who is elected President of the Republic on May 10, 1981. He becomes the advisor for economic issues.

“Today even, responsible for the future of our country, I also measure that Europe is watching us, and by the time the result has been proclaimed, I am sure that in many European countries it has been a relief hope to give the construction of Europe a dimension of growth, employment, prosperity, future and that is what I will say as soon as possible to our European partners and first to Germany, in the name of the friendship that binds us and in the name of the responsibility that is common to us “.

From François Hollande’s first speech after his victory. Tulle, 06 May 12. After the re-election of François Mitterrand, in 1988, François Hollande becomes Secretary of the Finance and Planning Commission and Rapporteur of the Defense Budget. The same year, he was elected deputy of the first constituency of Corrèze. At the same time, he taught economics until 1991 at the IEP in Paris.

In 1993, he continued his career as National Secretary of the PS, responsible for economic issues, then spokesman for the presidential campaign of Lionel Jospin, then the party in 1995. A convinced European, he leads the club “Witnesses” of Jacques Delors. In 1993, he lost his seat as a member of Parliament and took up again from 1997 to 2012.”