Les Carnets de Cerise T01: Le zoo pétrifié

June 9, 2018

• Title English : Cherry Notebooks T01: Petrified Zoo
• Author : Joris Chamblain (Author, Editor), Aurélie Neyret (Illustrator)
• Pages : 80 Sheet
• Publisher : Soleil [Sun] (September 26, 2012)
Collection : SOLEIL METAM.BD
• ISBN-10: 230202009X
• ISBN-13: 978-2302020092
Product Dimensions : 22 x 1,4 x 29,4 cm
• Format Kindle : PDF, Epub, Mobi and eBook
• Price : 15,95 FREE !!!
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6/10

♦ Description : “Cherry is an 11-year-old girl who lives alone with her mother. She dreams of becoming a novelist, and has even started writing her notebooks! His favorite subject: people, especially adults. They are so complicated that she would like to understand them better. She loves to watch them to try to guess what secrets they hide in their backs. Take Michel … Every Sunday, this old man engulfs himself in the forest with big pots of paint in his hand. What is he doing all day? Repainted an old house? Does he decorate trees? And why does he look so sad when he comes back at night? Follow Cerise, step by step, in her first survey that will take you to the heart of the forest, to discover a fabulous place! …”

Author Biography

“Joris Chamblain is a comics writer. He decides very quickly that Comic Strip will be his job, he tries his hand at drawing but quickly starts to write. In 2009, he made tests for the collection “Ciboulot” editions bac @ bd. A year later, in October 2010, his first album “La recherche d’emploi” comes out in this collection. Today, he devotes all his time to scriptwriting comics, children’s books and even tries to read the novel.

He has written 28 books and won the youth prize at the Angoulème festival for the cartoon “Les carnets de cerise”.
Joris Chamblain is a French author ,. He falls in the comics very young, goes through the fanzine, then in 2010, he publishes two short stories in the lanfeust mag, as well as his first comic book “Job search” (missing since).

IN 2012, it is the birth of the series “The Carnets of Cherry” at Soleil, which meets very quickly a critical and commercial success. At the beginning of 2013, the series “Sorcières witches” begins, which starts again at Kennes editions a year later, in comics and novels.

At the beginning of 2014, The Cherry Notebooks won the wild at the Angoulême comic festival, confirming the success of the series. At the end of 2014, Joris Chamblain released “Furie”, his first novel published by Auzou. Following this, two new series are born: “Nanny Mandy”, published by Kennes, then “Enola and extraordinary animals”, editions of the Gouttière.

In 2015, after only 10 albums published, he is contacted by the Lombard editions to resume the script of Yakari, succeeding Job, but always with Derib drawing. The first volume of this recovery comes out in October 2016.
For the future, there are 2 more series that are waiting for him: “Lili Crochette and Monsieur Mouche”, with the editions of the Gouttière, “Alyson Ford”, with the Editions Vents d’Ouest, as well as two one-shot “Léa Olivier, out-of-series “published by Kennes and especially” Diary of a child of Moon “, at this same publisher.

With 7 youth series to his credit, plus various novels and one-shot, he is one of the most prominent youth writers of the moment.”