Le retour à la terre, 1 : La vraie vie

June 10, 2018

• Title English : The return to the earth, 1: The real life
• Author : Ferri Jean-Yves (Author), Larcenet Manu (Illustrator)
• Pages : 48 Sheet
• Publisher : Dargaud; Édition : Nouvelle [New] (January 21, 2005)
Collection : Retour à la Terre
• ISBN-10: 2205057332
• ISBN-13: 978-2205057331
Product Dimensions : 30 x 23 x 1 cm
• Format Kindle : PDFeBook, Paperback and Epub
• Price : 12,00 FREE !!!
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10

♦ Description : “Ah, the countryside, the little flowers, the beasties rising that rise, and all and everything … What city has not dreamed of going to relax? Manu Larcenet caught the virus last year. To him and to Mariette, his companion, the chirping of birds, the gentle sound of streams and everything! When, like Manu, we spent his life in the suburbs of Paris, things change. Always shy, Manu was a hundred light-years away from imagining that the story of her new life could interest any reader.And then, it is difficult to take care of a chestnut of 45 meters deposited in its garden by nice neighbors while observing by the window! Fortunately, among the friends who came to discover the new world of the author of the Cosmonauts of the Future, was Ferri, the man who tells the crazy adventures of Aimé Lacapelle,the peasant detective who traces his path in Fluid Glacial. It is Ferri who has stuck to the story of the avatars of our two townspeople since their arrival in Ravenelles, 89 inhabitants (including a pretty baker). But everything is not rosy when we go green! What an exiled city dweller did not feel at the stroke of 18h the nagging lack of the noise of the Perif? The brandy of Mr. Henry the owner can comfort, but sometimes we feel the need for moral comfort. Problem, go find a shrink Ravenelles (89 hab.)! It would be easier to find a former mayor ruined by the taxman and installed, naked and bearded, in a hundred-year-old tree. That is to say ! Especially since some side effects are formidable. Manu, guitarist and punk singer rather urban (with rather pronounced hardcore accents), now concocts some jingles that would not deny Francis Cabrel. That’s it too, living in the Ravenelles (89 h.)! Head of Groggies, the former rock band of Manu de Juvisy, when they come to visit! It will be an opportunity to discover that Mr. Henri is doing well as an accordion chef. As soon as he understands that he has to play in E major and not on the ground, it promises country oxen from the fire of God! No dogs, Larcenet and Ferri treat this return to the land by short stories of half a page. 90 (good) ideas in 45 boards! It makes life outdoors! As soon as the album is closed, we dream of a sequel. Maybe Manu will introduce us then the baker Ravenelles (89 h.)!”


“Manu Larcenet”

Authors Biography

“Born in 1969 of known (and kind) parents, Manu Larcenet lives in Vélizy a childish childhood – apart from the crises of anguish that ruin his life. Around ten years old, he starts playing comics, he does it every day and he will never stop again. In the 4th, he creates a punk-rock band (no one) with friends. At the age required (Larcenet is not very strong on the dates), he gets the F12 school of Sèvres – a bac that has just been created almost for him: very little general education and many drawing, architecture, nude, pottery, tapestry, etc. A little later, Applied Arts appears with a BTS visual expression option “communication images”. At the same time, he gives more and more concerts with his band. In 1991, he tries to be reformed rather violently, but it does not work, and he wins a stay in disciplinary battalion – an experience he does not wish his worst enemy. (Although.) Released, he moved into a squat with buddies musicians and launched into the music, while continuing to draw. His drawings go through different rock newspapers. On a whim, he drops the group and resumes studies he also drops because he integrates Fluid icy in 1994. There, he becomes fashionable and everyone wants it: Spirou, Dupuis, Glénat etc. It is the beautiful life, the parties, the money, the easy girls, the banned substances … In the wake, he founded with Nicolas Lebedel his own publishing box, “The Dreamers”, where he publishes some autobiographical albums which do not fit with any structure. Towards the end of the 20th century (roughly), he met Guy Vidal and his Poisson Pilote collection still in the making. The current passes, and he settles at Poisson Pilote with Trondheim and The Cosmonauts of the future (2000 – 2004), then with his brother Patrice Larcenet and Les Entremondes (2000 – 2001), then all alone with Le Temps de chien (2002 ), Nic Oumouk and The Ordinary Combat (2003 – 2008). The latter won the prize for the best album of the Angoulême Festival in 2004. In the meantime, in June 2001, he left Paris and his lights for the Lyon bush – keeping Vidal in his phone. This remarkable existential turn is worth to us The Return to the ground, terribly scripted by his friend Ferri, which deals with the urban exodus. Larcenet also worked hard on Blast – a very dark story, dealing freely with his dark side and his descent into hell. The first volume, entitled Grasse Carcasse, was released in 2009 and won the comic booksellers prize in 2010. The sequel, The Apocalypse according to Saint Jacki, was released in April 2011. Otherwise, all is well: he has two very cute children who occupy it enormously – hence his notable absence in society cocktails – and he goes through a superb crisis of his forties (“everything is vain and I hate my neighbor”) that he relates in L’Angélus de midi, published in 2008 by Les Rêveurs.”