La vérité sur l’Affaire Harry Quebert – Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2012 et Grand Prix du Roman de l’Académie française 2012

August 2, 2018

• Title English : The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair – 2012 Goncourt High School Students and Grand Prix du Roman Prize at the Académie française 2012
• Author : Joël Dicker
• Pages : 700 Sheet
• Publisher : Editions de Fallois; Edition: 01 (May 28, 2014)
Collection : FALL.POCHE
• ISBN-10 : 2877068633
• ISBN-13 : 978-2877068635
Product Dimensions : 11,1 x 3,8 x 17,7 cm
• Format Kindle : iBook, PDF, EPub and Ebook
• Price : 9,20
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 10/10

♦ Description : “If you put your nose in this big novel, you’re done. You will not be able to stop running to the six hundredth page. You will be manipulated, baffled, stunned, annoyed, passionate about a story with multiple twists, false tracks and theatrics. And you will say that there is only one American capable of writing such an American thriller – places: New York, New Hampshire, Alabama – as effective, as adventurous, as crazy …
Joel Dicker could not have written this novel without a long stay in America. With his description of the village of Aurora, he proves that he is not only a spectacular artificer of the black novel. He also knows how to make the little people live: the enigmatic pastor, his wicked wife, the timid and mocking policeman …
Will the Truth about the Case Harry Quebert become a bestseller? In any case, like Marcus Goldman, who scrupulously followed the 31 tips of the “great writer” Harry Quebert, Joel Dicker, in turn, put them into practice with a laudable application. And a tongue-in-cheek humor. –Bernard Pivot – The Sunday Diary of September 16th, 2012

It’s rare, but when that happens, nothing can cut short the excitement. Young or old, hard or easy reader, woman or man, we will read endlessly the French novel by Joel Dicker, The Truth on the case Harry Quebert. It will come out exhausted and delighted by the continuous stream of adrenaline literary that the narrator has not stopped injecting into your veins. Black novel, yes, detective story, no doubt, but also a psychological novel with breathtaking or hilarious twists, and novel of manners of a topicality and a striking accuracy on this deep America that hides so well and evolves so so disconcerting behind the perfect teeth that his avant-garde stomatologists guarantee him. –Marc Fumaroli, of the French Academy – Le Figaro of September 20, 2012.

A master stroke! Even before The Truth about the Harry Quebert affair, the novel in question, does not come out in bookstores, it appears in the first list of the Goncourt jury, published on September 4th! In place of Olivier Adam or Philippe Djian! Amazement! Only the few readers of the Last Days of our fathers, created around the secret army of Churchill, have heard of this 27-year-old Geneva man with an angel’s face. The others, to know more about this law graduate who, teenager, spent all his summer holidays in the United States, will read his novel “American”. Because that’s what it’s all about with The Truth about the Harry Quebert affair … a sort of long-running thriller with a story, or rather stories, rhythm, twists and turns literary abyme who, like Russian dolls, fit together skillfully …

In his maestro, Dicker alternates eras, writings (police report, interview transcript, excerpt from novel), explores America of all excesses – media, literary, religious – questions the function of the writer … In the end, we spent a few days across the Atlantic, riveted in front of his pages. –Marianne Payot – L’Express, September 2012
Publisher’s presentation
This best seller finally in your pocket!

In New York, in the spring of 2008, while America is beating the beginnings of the presidential election, Marcus Goldman, a young writer with success, is in turmoil: he is unable to write the new novel that he must give to his publisher here some months. The deadline is almost to expire when suddenly everything switches for him: his friend and former university professor, Harry Quebert, one of the most respected writers in the country, is caught up in his past and finds himself accused of murdering, in 1975, Nola Kellergan, a 15-year-old girl with whom he reportedly had an affair. Convinced of Harry’s innocence, Marcus abandons everything to go to New Hampshire and investigate. He is quickly overtaken by the events: the investigation sinks and he is threatened. To absolve Harry and save his writing career, he must answer three questions: Who killed Nola Kellergan? What happened in New Hampshire in the summer of 1975? And how do you write a successful novel? In his American thriller style, The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair is a reflection on America, on the ways of modern society, literature, justice and the media.”


Joel Dicker”

Authors Biography

“Joel Dicker was born in Geneva in 1985. The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair is his second novel. He got successively in 2012 the Prix de la Vocation Bleustein-Blanchet, the Great French Academy Award for the French Academy and the 25th Prix Goncourt High School students.

Joel Dicker is a French-speaking Swiss writer. Born in Geneva in 1985, it is in this same city that he will carry out all his schooling. At the age of 19, little stimulated by school, he offered a parenthesis at Cours Florent in Paris, before finally studying law at the University of Geneva, where he graduated in 2010 .

From an early age, Joel is passionate about music and writing. At the age of seven, he began his career as a drummer. At the age of ten, he founded The Animal Gazette, a nature magazine he will lead for seven years, which will earn him the Cuneo Nature Conservation Award and be named “Younger”. editor-in-chief of Switzerland “by La Tribune de Genève.

He then makes his first steps as a writer. A first novel, “The Tiger”, was awarded in 2005 as part of the International Prize for Young Authors and published in the collection of laureates, editions of the Hebe (Switzerland). In 2010, he received the Prix des écrivains genevois for his first novel “The last days of our fathers”.

In 2012, he released his second novel “The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair”, which was part of the first selection for the Goncourt Prize and the Femina Prize, and received the Bleustein-Blanchet Vocation Prize, the Grand Prix of the Académie Française, the Goncourt High School Students’ Prize, the Segalen Prize and the Tulipe Prize. The novel is adapted in series with Patrick Dempsey. In 2015 appears “The book of Baltimore” then, in 2018, “The disappearance of Stéphanie Mailer”.