La Méthode Bon Chien: Éduquer et socialiser son chien

July 18, 2018

• Title English : The Good Dog Method: Educate and socialize your dog
• Author : Laetitia Ouafmag
• Pages : 539 Sheet
• Size of the file : 1866 KB
• Format Kindle : Paperback, PDF, iBook and Mobipocket
• Price : 6,89
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9/10

♦ Description : “The Good Dog Method of OuafMag, it is its readers who speak it best:

– “Your book helped me a lot to build a positive approach. I have applied your methods as best as possible: reward instead of punishing. I was especially keen to follow your advice for basic orders and obviously the “good dog” that he greatly appreciates. I even managed to give myself treats to reward him! The indications of your method were perfectly clear. “

– “The book gives advice to put things in place right away, but it also allows us to create our own exercises according to our needs from many bases, which is certainly better than a list of” thing to make “. “

– “Thank you for this method very well explained, which is within the reach of everyone and especially respectful of our animal. “

– “It’s only been a few days since I’ve been using the” good dog “method and I can already see progress. This is very promising and I am very optimistic for the future. “

– “I wanted to have a full and well explained support for modern methods. I think it’s very well explained, in terms that are easy to understand and there is an explanation of why this or that is great. “

The Good Dog Method will help you educate your adult dog without ever punishing him and making him more sociable.

The book contains 80% practical exercises, examples and practical advice that are immediately applicable and always in a good mood. The rest allows you to take a step back on the problems that you meet with your dog, to understand where come the received ideas which make us make mistakes and damage the relation with the animal.

Based on the bond of trust, on the requirement and the constancy, on scientifically proven theories, the Good Dog Method does not pretend to hold the absolute truth but aims to provide you with all the elements which make it possible to:

-because why what you do sometimes does not work at all
– never again get upset
to question when you have a dog and serious problems!

Written from a two-year course with an adult pound dog with many behavioral problems, this book does not deal with puppies and is intended for people who are struggling with their dog (fearful, aggressive, badly socialized, disobedient …) who do not want to use cries or physical force anymore.

The author also shares his experiences, his mistakes, his tips and develops complete descriptions to educate and socialize your dog yourself.

The Good Dog Method offers 100% gentle and benevolent solutions. It’s never too late !

In this book: 20 step-by-step instructions – walking on a leash – barking – grumbling dog – socializing – uncleanliness – changing a dog’s behavior – rewarding – desensitizing – anxiety – reactive dog – emotions – aggressive dog – trust – boredom – loneliness – jealousy – fugue – obedience – possessive dog – destructive dog … and much more!”


Laetitia Ouafmag”

Authors Biography

“The author of the website writes guides to educate and socialize his dog without punishing, without force, without raising the hand, nor the voice. Is it possible ? It’s not only possible but it’s also and most importantly the most effective way to get what you want. Laetitia studies and applies the most modern practices on a daily basis. She does not have a perfect dog, but a brave, easy-going dog that gives her more reasons to smile than to worry. It has not always been so. These are her mistakes with her adopted adult dog, her doubts, her efforts to never lose patience or hope, her encounters with extraordinary professionals, and others who give her terrifying advice, which give birth to her. want to share his experiences. Laetitia was born in 1977. She also has two cats.

Hello, my name is Laetitia Calmard and it’s been more than 10 years since I started to educate dogs of all ages and all breeds. To tell you that today, I know the techniques that work and those that are the most effective. Unfortunately, I discover every day too much misinformation on the web regarding the education of dogs.

My method includes dozens of exercises and training tips that you can put into practice at home! Since 2012, I have helped many people to have a fulfilling relationship with their pet. In short, you will be able to”