Je devrais simplement

October 5, 2018

• Title English : I should simply
• Author : Kaléna and Lilly Sweet
• Pages : 202 Sheets
• Size of the file : 3022 KB
• Format Kindle : PDF, Paperback and Epub
• Price : 13,00
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10

♦ Description : “He wanted nothing, she will give him everything.

Leny’s life is well laid out: a job he loves, sincere friends, a loving family, a few girls of passages to whom he promises nothing. He is convinced that nothing will change his plans. It was not counting the meeting with a certain waitress.

For Melia, nothing counts more than the realization of the project that is close to her heart. Without a family but with some trusted friends, she does not think for a single second of her love life. Until she meets a certain basketball player.

While they should simply forget each other, fate has decided to bring them closer together. Only nothing is simple when one is a handicapped feelings and an unlucky one who accuses the blows of the lot since his childhood.

Find the last volume of the saga “to forget you”.
Tome1: I never forgot you
Volume 2: I can not forget you.
Volume 3: I will never be able to forget you”

Author Biography



“In love with words and love, Kalena is passionate about reading. If she always wrote, it is only very recently that she dared to propose her universe to the public. Surprised by the welcome that her novels received, she strives daily to share with her readership and expand her library. Welcome to my author page. Passionate about reading, columnist, I decided to go to the other side of the book and finally hold the pen.”


“Lilly Sweet”

“Of Parisian origin, Lilly Sweet has migrated to the southwest. Since the age of twelve, writing has been a time of escape, with a natural predilection for romance, which no doubt stems from her passion for love stories and films. Today mother of two little girls, she must enjoy every possible moment to be able to ask his pen.”