Guerilla – Le jour où tout s’embrasa

October 23, 2018

• Title English : Guerilla – The day when everything blazed
• Author : Laurent Obertone
• Pages : 400 Sheets
• Publisher : General mechanics (September 27, 2018)
• Collection : RING NOIR
• ISBN-13 : 979-1095776178
• Product Dimensions : 11,1 x 2 x 17,1 cm
• Format Kindle : PDF, Epuband eBook
• Price : 9,90
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6/10

♦ Description : “As dark and powerful as 1984 or Submission” France Info
“World War Z begins at La Courneuve” Slate “This book is based on the working assumptions of Intelligence” Lawyer of the Ministry of the Interior
“A controversial and visionary international bestseller” La Stampa
The civil war was inevitable.
Live the Apocalypse of the last three days of France.

In a near and obscure France, a police raid in a sensitive city turns to drama: a policeman caught in an ambush loses his temper and fires blindly.

The city flares up and the whole country vacillates. From city to city, the fire spreads and the Republic explodes.

Law enforcement, thugs, terrorists, officials, journalists, citizens, all are overwhelmed by the tidal wave of chaos.

Rapidly, electrical networks and hydraulic fallen, lack of supplies, order, means of communication, transport and relief, the surge wins the campaign, the company is shattered and the cities are the prey of violence, looting and gigantic fires. Terrorists, overwhelmed by the unrest, trigger large-scale actions from land, sea and sky.
Deprived of everything, left to their own devices, citizens are preparing to face the carnage.”

Author Biography


“Laurent Obertone”

“Born in 1984, journalist and writer, Laurent Obertone graduated from the Lille School of Journalism, History and Anthropology. He is the author of the masterpiece Utøya (Ring, 2013) and La France Big Brother (Ring, 2015).”

Wrap Up