Famille zéro déchet, Ze guide

May 30, 2018

• Title English : “Zero waste family, Ze guide”
• Author : Jeremie Pichon (Author), Benedicte Moret (Author) and Nicolas Hulot (Preface)
• Pages : 256 Sheet
• Publisher : Thierry Souccar (3 mars 2016)
• ISBN-10: 2365491871
• ISBN-13: 978-2365491877
Product Dimensions : 17,1 x 1,3 x 23,1 cm
• Format Kindle : PDF, Mobipocket, ePUB and eBook
• Price : 15,00 FREE !!!
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  8/10

♦ Description : “ZERO WAS TRY, TRY IT ADOPT! – Reducing waste for the planet, for health, for the wallet, it’s time! How to go about it ? Walking in the footsteps of Jeremiah and Benedict. This book, at once not sad diary, and practical guide, will lead you to the goal by sparing you many traps!

With humor and self-deprecation, the authors propose a detailed action plan and 10 Zero Waste challenges to get you started. Based on their knowledge of the ecology, they deliver hundreds of practical tips and simple alternatives for everyday life: shopping, cooking, cleaning, furniture, hygiene, makeup, clothing, garden, DIY, festivities … Because waste is everywhere!



What you will win: the improvement of your family eco-balance (1 bin of 15 L for 1 month), less toxic and savage savings. More the exhilarating feeling of being an actor in one’s life, one’s health, creating a bond, touching the essentials.

“With this book, the good ideas of a few become the luck of all. ” – Nicolas Hulot

“Zero Waste is not a fashion, it’s a necessity, a duty. Do not waste a moment to give him a chance to enrich your life, to make sense of your journey on Earth.  – Johnson Johnson”

Authors Biography


“Jérémie Pichon”

“An activist, Jérémie Pichon has been working for environmental NGOs for 15 years. He has been Director of Mountain Riders since May 2006. Between waste collection and awareness campaign, the safeguard of the mountain is won according to him as much on the tracks as in the spirits. He animates the blog famillezerodechet.com with his companion Bénédicte Moret.

Associative activist, Jérémie Pichon has worked for environmental, humanitarian and educational NGOs: Mountain Riders, Surfrider Foundation, Snowflake Wave, Action Against Hunger, Youth Times. He has developed numerous projects around the issue of the environmental footprint.”



“Benedicte Moret”

Bénédicte Moret – alias Bloutouf is illustrator graphic designer for many associations and environmental institutions for 12 years: Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Corabio, Mountain riders …
Both animate with humor the blog familyzerodechet.com. They live on the Landes coast in Hossegor.”



“Nicolas Hulot”

Nicolas Hulot – is a journalist, reporter, animator, writer and French politician. After a series of odd jobs, he became a photojournalist for the Sipa news agency in 1973. Through this profession, he made reports and travels around the world, before starting a career in the media.

He started on France Inter then he made television with the children’s program “Les visiteurs du mercredi”. In 1987, TF1 hired him to present “Ushuaia, the magazine of the extreme” that makes him one of the media symbols of the preservation of nature. He created the “Ushuaia Foundation”, which partners large groups like L’Oréal or EDF as well as TF1.

The program becomes very popular and “Ushuaïa” becomes a brand declined in TV channel, range of body care products, then monthly magazine in 2006. While ecology is at the center of the concerns of society, Nicolas Hulot takes advantage of his notoriety and his image to be heard on the political scene.

After being advised by Jacques Chirac or Laurent Fabius, he launched the “Ecological Pact” in 2006 to impose ecology in the next presidential campaign. He is then expected to be a candidate for the 2007 election. Close to the Greens party, he denies however to have any national ambition, and does not wish to support a candidate although he wants to have influence on the decisions taken by the government in terms of ecology.

Very appreciated by the French, he became in 2011 declared candidate for the presidential election of the following year. But he is beaten by Eva Joly during the primary party ecologist. His involvement in politics – which had then embarrassed his employer TF1 – had then caused his suspension of antenna. At the end of December 2011, TF1 announces that it has put an end to the contract linking the one who is one of the favorite hosts of the French on the channel, after several months of floating about his future on the air.”