Enola et les animaux extraordinaires, Tome 2 : La licorne qui dépassait les bornes

June 7, 2018

• Title English : Enola and the extraordinary animals, Volume 2: The unicorn that exceeded the limits
• Author : Lucile Thibaudier (Illustrator) and Joris Chamblain (Scenario)
• Pages : 32 Sheet
• Publisher : Editions of the Gutter (February 5, 2016)
Collection : ENOLA
• ASIN: B0179A8VD6
• ISBN-13: 979-1092111286
Product Dimensions : 30 x 1 x 22,5 cm
• Format Kindle : PDF, Epub and eBook
• Price : 10,70 FREE !!!
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

♦ Description : “Hidden in the heart of a Museum of Natural History is Enola’s office, a veterinarian out of the ordinary. His speciality ? Animals from tales and legends! When Sylvia, Piotr and Sven are confronted with an aggressive unicorn that crosses the limits of their territory, they do not lose a minute to inform the village. But when Sylvia learns that her father, the village chief, wants to attack the unicorns because of the breakdown of their pact, she does not waste a second to ask Enola for help. A new mission for the young veterinarian and his cat Maneki!”

Author Biography

Joris Chamblain – was born on January 29, 1984. He falls in the comic strip and decides very young that he will do his job. During his teenage years, he started playing fanzine six years in a row. Here, drawing definitely leaves room for writing. In 2009, he did tests for the collection “Ciboulot” editions bac @ bd. A year later, in October 2010, her first album “La recherche d’emploi” came out in this collection, with Tyffenn Guerveno and Hélène Lenoble. In 2011, he signed two new projects: “The Cherry Notebooks” with Aurélie Neyret, in the metamorphosis collection of the Sun editions, released in September 2012 and “Sorcières witches”, with Lucile Thibaudier, published by Bac @ bd. Today, he devotes all his time to the writing of comic book and youth-book scenarii and even tries on the novel. With many collaborators, he is working on a lot of projects, which will soon see the light of day …

The summary tables below can be distorted by birthday editions (often post-mortem). They do not take into account the other pseudonyms under which this author signs.”


“Lucile Thibaudier”

Lucile Thibaudier – by herself: In her early childhood, Lucile Thibaudir, known as Lulu, already contemplative, observes a lot the world around her. Magically equipped with glasses at the age of 3, Lucile, renamed for the occasion “Lulunette” discovering that this world was even richer than she imagined, begins to note the details and to try to represent them on paper.

Cadette of three girls, between a passionate of mathematics and a literary, she understands very quickly that her vocation is artistic. Lulu-Belle-Fleur, raised in the country, observes the animals of the farm and learns to draw the chickens and the sheep, and then the cows (but especially the hens) and then still the geese and the donkeys (but especially the hens …). This is how the animals invade up to the inclined table …

Renouncing finally to become a veterinarian for tigers, idea that had a busy time Lulu, she returned to school Emile Cohl Lyon, to come out 4 years later, with ideas and drawings full head.

She sets up her small workshop in the countryside, surrounded by dozens of copies of her precious Walnut Brown pencil (yes, because Lulu-brushes can not pass in front of an art store without compulsively buying her favorite pencil, it’s like that !) and an impressive number of pencil sharpeners of which only one works.

And that’s where she draws her foxes and hens and she imagines her princesses with extravagant hairstyles and shimmering dresses: sketch and pencil drawing on thick paper, pencil outline walnut brown and finally coloring with a very concentrated watercolor. At the last news, it seems that with Lulu-firefly, the animals will continue long to sport in our campaigns and the beautiful princesses to dance while dreaming to prince charming …”