Couleurs de l’incendie

August 6, 2018

• Title English : Colors of the fire
• Author : Pierre Lemaitre (Author)
• Pages : 544 Sheet
• Publisher : Albin Michel (January 3, 2018)
Collection : A.M. ROM.FRANC
• ISBN-10: 2226392122
• ISBN-13: 2226392122
• Format Kindle : Mobipocket, Epub, PDF and Paperback
• Price : 22,90
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

♦ Description : “February 1927. All-Paris attends the funeral of Marcel Péricourt. His daughter, Madeleine, must take the head of the financial empire of which she is the heiress, but destiny decides otherwise. His son, Paul, with an unexpected and tragic gesture, will place Madeleine on the path of ruin and decommissioning. Faced with the adversity of men, the greed of his time, the corruption of his environment and the ambition of his entourage, Madeleine will have to deploy treasures of intelligence, energy but also Machiavellian to survive and rebuild his life. This task is all the more difficult in a France that observes, helplessly, the first colors of the fire that will ravage Europe.”

Author Biography


Pierre Lemaitre”

“Pierre Lemaitre is a French writer and screenwriter. He spent his childhood between Aubervilliers and Drancy, son of employees of leftist political sensibility. A trained psychologist and self-taught in literature, he has spent a large part of his career in adult vocational training, teaching them communication, general culture or teaching literature courses for librarians. He then devotes himself to writing as a novelist and screenwriter, living from his pen from 2006.

With his first novel “Neat Work”, which won the Cognac Prize in 2006, he pays tribute to some of his masters, Bret Easton Ellis, Emile Gaboriau, James Ellroy, William McIlvanney, making works of these writers protagonists of his plot.

His second novel, “Groom’s Dress” (2009), an explicit exercise in the admiration of Hitchcock’s art, won the award for Best French-Speaking Crime.

In 2010, Lemaitre tackles the social thriller with “Black Frames”, inspired by a real event occurred in 2005 at France Télévisions Publicité, price of the European Polar Poin.

“The great means” (2011) (reviewed by the author under the title “Rosy & John” in 2013), digital serial, is an investigation of Camille Verhoeven, on the sidelines of the trilogy started with “Work neat”, continued with “Alex” (2011, Reader’s Prize of the Pocketbook 2012) and completed with “Sacrifice” s (2012) which sees the conclusion of the destiny of the hero.

In 2013, he released “Au revoir là haut”, awarded the Prix Goncourt 2013. He is adapted to the cinema by Albert Dupontel in 2017, under the same title, with Laurent Lafitte. In 2018, the film receives many Caesar including the best adaptation and the best realization. In 2016, Lemaitre revives the novel noir with “Three days and a life” which tells the destiny of a murderer 12 years. “Couleurs de l’incendie” (January 2018) is the second part of the open trilogy with “Au revoir là-haut”. His novels are translated into thirty languages ​​and several are being adapted to film and theater.”