Chanson douce – Prix Goncourt 2016 (FRANÇAIS)

June 18, 2018

• Title English : Sweet song – Prix Goncourt 2016 (FRENCH)
• Author : Leïla Slimani
• Pages : 256 Sheet
• Publisher : Folio (May 3, 2018)
Collection : Folio
• ISBN-10 : 2072764920
• ISBN-13: 978-2072764929
Product Dimensions : 10,8 x 2 x 17,7 cm
• Format Kindle : Mobipocket, PDF, Epub and eBook
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• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9/10

♦ Description : “Louise? How lucky you have been on her. She was like a second mother for my boys. It was a real heartbreak when we had to separate. To be honest, at the time, I even thought of having a third child to be able to keep it. “When Myriam decides despite her husband’s reluctance to resume her activity in a law firm, the couple is looking for a nanny. After a severe casting, they engage Louise and are conquered by her ease with Mila and Adam, and by the care soon indispensable that it brings to their home, letting gradually settle the trap of mutual dependence.”


“Leïla Slimani”

Authors Biography

“Leila Slimani was born in 1981, she lives in Paris. She has published two novels at Editions Gallimard: In the Garden of the Ogre, and Sweet Song, Prix Goncourt 2016. She is also the author of a comic book, Words of Honor, and an essay, Sex and lies.

Leïla Slimani is a Franco-Moroccan journalist and writer. Born from a Franco-Algerian mother and a Moroccan father, a pupil of the French Lycée de Rabat, Leïla Slimani grew up in a French-speaking family. His father, Othman Slimani, is a banker, his mother is an ENT doctor.

In 1999, she comes to Paris. Graduate of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, she tries to work as an actress (Cours Florent), then trains herself in the media at the Paris Business School (ESCP Europe).

She is involved in Jeune Afrique magazine in 2008 and deals with topics related to North Africa. For four years, his work as a reporter allows him to satisfy his passion for travel, meetings and the discovery of the world.

In 2014, she published her first novel at Gallimard, “In the garden of the ogre”. The subject (female sexual addiction) and writing are noticed by critics and the book is proposed for the Prix de Flore 2014. Her second novel, “Sweet Song”, won the 2016 Goncourt Prize, as well as the Grand Readers’ Prize Elle 2017.

In 2016, she published “The devil is in the details”, a collection of texts written for the weekly “The 1”. In parallel, with among others Salome Lelouch, Marie Nimie, Ariane Ascaride and Nancy Huston, gathered under the name Paris of the Women, she cosigns the collective theatrical work “Scandale” published in the Collection of the Four Winds of the Avant-scène theater.

Leila Slimani is nowadays mainly devoted to writing. 2017 is for her a prolific year, where she publishes three books: “Sex and lies: Sexual life in Morocco” which had a strong media impact, the graphic novel “Words of honor”, as well as “Simone Veil, my heroin”.