Indice Mathématiques 2de 2018
Art , Education , Sports / September 24, 2018

• Title English : Mathematics Index 2 of 2018 • Author : Michel Poncy, Catherine Lebert and Denis Vieudrin • Pages : 48 Sheets • Publisher : Bordas; Edition: 2018 (July 13, 2018) • Collection : INDICE MATHS • ISBN-10 : 2047335922 • ISBN-13 : 978-2047335925 • Product Dimensions : 21,1 x 0,4 x 29,7 cm • Format Kindle : DOCx, PDF, Ebook and Epub • Price : € 4,95 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “A refocus on the Python language recommended by the resource document published by the Ministry of National Education in June. An evolution of the writing of the algorithms according to the directives of September 2017 with the deletion of the declaration of the variables, the deletion of the input-outputs and a layout of the syntax. Taking into account the integration of programming menus in Python language in Casio NumWorks and Graph90 + E calculators, which will allow you to work more easily in class with a calculator – The first part of the notebook includes all the basics of algorithmic and programming: variables, assignment, functions, conditional statement, bounded and bounded loop, with the use of the Python programming language. The exercises in this section do not require specific knowledge of the Second class, even if the concepts discussed…

Le Feuilleton d’Hermès : La mythologie grecque en cent épisodes
Art , Education , History , Sports / September 8, 2018

• Title English : The Hermes Order Paper: Greek mythology in one hundred episodes • Author : Murielle Szac and Jean-Manuel Duvivier • Pages : 256 Sheets • Publisher : Bayard (September 7, 2006) • Collection : CONTES • ISBN-10 : 2747019268 • ISBN-13 : 978-2747019262 • Product Dimensions : 27 x 2 x 23,5 cm • Format Kindle : PDF, Paperback, Ebook and Epub • Price : € 19,90 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “Greek mythology in one hundred episodes. “The sun was barely up when Hermes came out of his mother’s womb. He stretched, yawned and jumped to his feet. Then he ran to the entrance of the cave where he had just been born to admire the world. “How beautiful it is !” he murmured. “It is with these words that begins The drama of Hermes, a young god of Greek mythology who discovers the world in the manner of a child. This book, animated by the breath of the founding myths, invites us to a wandering reading: the one by which we follow the thousand and one twists of a story of which our hero is the thread. Renewing with the orality of the first stories, this story can be read aloud, and shared with family or class….

Sissy Strong fitness body guide
Games , Health , Hobbies , Sports / August 31, 2018

• Author : SISSY • Pages : 192 Sheet • Publisher : Solar (September 13, 2018) • Collection : MUL.MULLER • ISBN-10 : 2263155287 • ISBN-13 : 978-2263155284 • Format Kindle : PDF, Ebook, DOCx and Paperback • Price : € 19,90 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9/10 ♦ Description : “The 100% bodybuilding method of the queen of fitness to the million subscribers on Youtube. The ultimate guide for a steel mind in an athlete’s body, a photo book with a sporty, strong, racy atmosphere. The fitgirl with a million subscribers increases in intensity. Bodybuilding is to measure oneself to the load, to measure oneself to oneself, and to surpass oneself at each repetition. Sissy delivers the program she follows herself, a program for a dry weight gain, which curves the body without inflating it. One rule: respect his body. 300 rehearsals in training but only one leaf of salad at noon? No. The queen of bodybuilding overturns practices and is heading for a strong but healthy bodybuilding. The pro method of a strong personality, frank and healthy. • Bodybuilding according to Sissy: a sport that turns defects into strength, a way of life that sculpts body and mind. • The method of bodybuilding Sissy: 10 golden rules to set the right goals, find its…

Vers l’Autonomie
Art , Sports / August 28, 2018

• Title English : Towards Autonomy • Author : Christina Dorner • Pages : 244 Sheet • Publisher : Access Publishing (May 8, 2018) • ISBN-10 : 2916662200 • ISBN-13 : 978-2916662206 • Product Dimensions : 29,5 x 1,5 x 22,5 cm • Format Kindle : EPub, PDF, Ebook, and Paperback • Price : € 60,00 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “A comprehensive book offering more than 500 self-contained activities in all areas of GST at GS. The book is divided into 6 parts, the first devoted to fine motor skills and the following to the 5 learning domains of the 2015 program. Each part is subdivided into action verbs for which a rigorous progression from the GST to the GS. A program in association with Traces to follow, Towards writing, Towards phono, Towards maths, Sciences à vivre and My booklet for monitoring learning in kindergarten, allows activities to be spread over the 4 years of Cycle 1. The book – Towards autonomy offers autonomous activities of manipulation to allow students to develop their skills in a fun and motivating way in all areas. Digital add-ons (compatible with Windows 7 or later, MacOS 10.10 or higher) • Dashboards allowing students to register for activities. • Observation grids allowing the teacher to easily…

Le livre d’Or de la Coupe du monde 2018
Sports / August 4, 2018

• Title English : The Golden Book of the 2018 World Cup • Author : Gérard EJNES • Pages : 120 Sheet • Publisher : Solar (August 7, 2018) • ISBN-10 : 2263157409 • ISBN-13 : 978-2263157400 • Format Kindle : DOCx, PDF, Ebook and Epub • Price : € 14,90 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10 ♦ Description : “The souvenir book of the 2018 World Cup that saw France conquer its second star. Driven by the pen of the former editor of the Team, this well – documented book retraces the entirety of the World Cup through numerous photos, testimonies, stories and analyzes of this fabulous campaign. Twenty years after Aimé Jacquet’s Les Bleus, those of Didier Deschamps have imitated their great elders and conquered the World Cup of football. Led by the captain of the France 1998 team, the Mbappé, Griezmann, Pogba, Kanté and others have reversed all the prognoses to sit on top of the world. Their relentless journey, their triumphant youth, their formidable tactical sense, everything is described in detail in this book, written on the spot, where we will find not only the story of the matches but also the statements of the actors of this memorable campaign, as well as that behind the scenes of the Mondial … The…

Derrière le sourire
Sports / July 30, 2018

• Title English : Behind the smile • Author : Antoine Griezmann and Arnaud Ramsay • Pages : 256 Sheet • Publisher : J’ai lu [I read] (May 16, 2018) • Collection : J’ai lu Biographie • ISBN-10 : 2290163414 • ISBN-13 : 978-2290163412 • Product Dimensions : 17,8 x 1,5 x 11 cm • Format Kindle : PDF, EPub and Paperback • Price : € 7,20 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6/10 ♦ Description : “Lulled by football forever, Antoine Griezmann faces the rejection of French training centers: too small, too frail. At the age of 14, he left Mâcon to join Real Sociedad in the Spanish Basque Country, the only club to believe in his talent. As the incarnation of perseverance, he will be named the best player in the Spanish league with Atlético Madrid, ahead of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and voted best player and scorer of the Euro in 2016. His childhood, his unsuccessful attempts, behind the scenes ‘Euro, his exchanges with Didier Deschamps, his suspension of thirteen months of the national team after a release in a nightclub in Paris, the France-Germany match of November 13, 2015 while his sister was at Bataclan: the discreet striker gives himself for the first time with sincerity and frankness, without hiding anything from…

Cristiano Ronaldo La biographie
Biography , History , Sports / July 23, 2018

• Title English : Cristiano Ronaldo The biographie • Author : Guillem Balague (Author), Marion Dupas (Translator), Hugo Helin (Translator) • Pages : 384 Sheet • Publisher : Hugo Sport (April 28, 2016) • ISBN-10 : 2755623608 • ISBN-13 : 978-2755623604 • Product Dimensions : 15,1 x 3,3 x 22,1 cm • Format Kindle : Mobipocket, PDF, EBook and DOCx • Price : € 21,48 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10 ♦ Description : “Triple Golden Ball, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the best players of all time. If his supremacy is contested on the ground by Leo Messi, the popularity of “CR7” undoubtedly dominates that of his rival: Ronaldo has become a “people” whose media and fans watch for the slightest frown. Although scrutinized from all sides, her life remains full of mysteries. The most complete biography ever written of the most popular footballer on the planet Initially, there was a promise: that made to Guillem Balague by Ronaldo and his famous agent, Jorge Mendes, to collaborate on an authorized biography of the star. But a small sentence of “Messi” de Balague displeased CR7, the promise flew … and Balague won at liberty, and his work in interest, what he lost in “official word”. This freedom, and his talent for investigation, allow him to return…

Le guide de la musculation au naturel
Health , Hobbies , Sports / July 15, 2018

• Title English : The natural bodybuilding guide • Author : Julien Venesson, Rudy Coia and Fabrice Proudhon (Preface) • Pages : 224 Sheet • Publisher : Thierry Souccar (July 5, 2018) • Collection : COACH REM.FOR. • ISBN-10 : 2365493041 • ISBN-13 : 978-2365493048 • Product Dimensions : 19,7 x 2 x 25,7 cm • Format Kindle : PDF, eBook and Epub • Price : € 27,90 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10 ♦ Description : “Should we take doping products to have an exceptional plastic, an incredibly muscular body and drawn, the type of physics that makes people say “wow”? No, the proof with this guide that will allow you to have the athletic body that you dream of and that you have never been able to obtain. He proposes a method based on the latest discoveries in muscle physiology and the unparalleled experience of the most famous French coaches. Here is what makes the difference with other methods: • You will analyze your morphology, your strengths and your weak points • You will learn how to build a personalized training program and how to evolve it • You will know which exercises are suitable for you and for each one, the number of repetitions, the rest periods, the speed of execution … • You…

Une mémoire infaillible
Games , Health , Hobbies , Sports / July 11, 2018

• Title English : A surefire memory • Author : Sébastien Martinez • Pages : 192 Sheet • Publisher : Le Livre de Poche [The Pocket Book] (April 4, 2018) • Collection : Psychologie et Développement personnel • ISBN-10 : 2253188050 • ISBN-13 : 978-2253188056 • Product Dimensions : 17,8 x 0,9 x 11 cm • Format Kindle : Mobipocket, PDF, eBook and Epub • Price : € 6,40 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “Do you have a bad memory? In truth, you simply do not know how to solicit it. How about quoting the world’s peaks as if you had planted your flag there? Do you remember the name of everyone you meet? To no longer systematically resort to the Internet? To learn in less than a month the thousand main words of a foreign language? In short, retain what you want, when you want it? Sébastien Martinez is France’s champion of memory and memory trainer for students and companies. In this book, he explains why imagination, in the arts of memory, is more effective than repetition. An initiatory journey that will give you valuable methods and help you develop an essential skill: attention. Sébastien Martinez accompanies us in the discovery of memory techniques, from the simplest to the most complex. A precious…

100 tests pour entraîner sa mémoire
Games , Health , Hobbies , Sports / July 7, 2018

• Title English : 100 tests to train his memory • Author : Magali Berdah • Pages : 128 Sheet • Publisher : Larousse (May 25, 2016) • Collection : Hors collection Pratique • ISBN-10 : 2035922445 • ISBN-13 : 978-2035922441 • Product Dimensions : 18,3 x 0,9 x 23,5 cm • Format Kindle : iBook, PDF, Paperback and Epub • Price : € 7,85 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “100 games and fun exercises to test, exercise and stimulate memory in all its forms: visual, semantic, episodic, etc. – In the introduction (8 p), explanations on the functioning of memory and answers to questions that everyone asks: what is a “good” and a “bad” memory? Why are some things kept and no others? Is it a question of age, intelligence, genetics? Can we really improve his memory skills? etc. – For each of the exercises are specified the objective sought and the various faculties that it uses and that allows to work and improve: attention and concentration, logic, reasoning and deduction, the strategy , visual-spatial exploration and analysis, verbal memory, ability to make associations, text comprehension, mental imagery … – Games and tests, extremely varied, are grouped according to three levels of difficulty. – At the end of the book, the solutions allow…