Guide pratique du comportement du chien
Animal , Hobbies , Medic , Nature , Science / July 18, 2018

• Title English : Practical guide to dog behavior • Author : Edith Beaumont-Graff • Pages : 305 Sheet • Publisher : Eyrolles; Edition: 1 (February 10, 2011) • ASIN : B005T54H5U • Size of the file : 1576 KB • Format Kindle : Ebook, ePub and DOCx • Price : € 20,20 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10 ♦ Description : “Your dog is urinating on the living room rug. “Would he do it on purpose to annoy you?” While out walking, he pulls so much on his leash that you can not hold him back. “Is he trying to dominate you?” Left alone all day, he barks without stopping or ransacking the apartment. “Why is he incapable of being wise?” Many of the difficulties between master and dog are related to communication problems. Are you sure you understand what your dog is saying? Through 12 sequences of everyday life, this book invites you to discover how “works” a dog: What emotions does it feel? What can he memorize? How does he learn? What are his social codes and his hierarchical organization? Teach him cleanliness, dose rewards and punishments, make him obey orders, better manage separations, make him walk on a leash without him pulling, make him bring back an object…

La Méthode Bon Chien: Éduquer et socialiser son chien
Animal , Home & Garden , Nature / July 18, 2018

• Title English : The Good Dog Method: Educate and socialize your dog • Author : Laetitia Ouafmag • Pages : 539 Sheet • ASIN : B00PEPORCS • Size of the file : 1866 KB • Format Kindle : Paperback, PDF, iBook and Mobipocket • Price : € 6,89 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9/10 ♦ Description : “The Good Dog Method of OuafMag, it is its readers who speak it best: – “Your book helped me a lot to build a positive approach. I have applied your methods as best as possible: reward instead of punishing. I was especially keen to follow your advice for basic orders and obviously the “good dog” that he greatly appreciates. I even managed to give myself treats to reward him! The indications of your method were perfectly clear. “ – “The book gives advice to put things in place right away, but it also allows us to create our own exercises according to our needs from many bases, which is certainly better than a list of” thing to make “. “ – “Thank you for this method very well explained, which is within the reach of everyone and especially respectful of our animal. “ – “It’s only been a few days since I’ve been using the”…

Comment parler chien
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• Title English : How to talk dog • Author : Stanley Coren (Author), Oristelle Bonis (Translator) • Pages : 416 Sheet • Publisher : Éditions Payot [Payot Publishing] (October 16, 2013) • ASIN : B00I9AYMAC • Size of the file : 7122 KB • Format Kindle : PDF, DOCx, eBook and Epub • Price : € 8,99 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “The dogs speak. They have a language. Listen to what they are trying to tell you, decipher the sometimes subtle signals they send, learn their language through this book full of surprises, where you will find advice, information – and even a little dictionary of aboyen.” Authors biography “Stanley Coren, a professor at the University of British Columbia (Canada) and a renowned trainer, is a specialist in canine psychology. Stanley Coren (Ph.D.) is an academic and an author. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania before earning his Ph.D. at Stanford University. He taught at The New School in New York. In 1973, he joined the University of British Columbia where he was a professor of psychology until 2007. He continues to teach and do research as a professor emeritus. Famous trainer, he is a specialist in canine psychology.”

Eduquer son chien pour les Nuls poche
Animal , Crafts , Home & Garden , Nature / July 16, 2018

• Title English : Educate your dog for pocket odds • Author : Jack VOLHARD and Wendy VOLHARD • Pages : 336 Sheet • Publisher : First (September 27, 2012) • ASIN : B009HBIA3M • Size of the file : 2069 KB • Format Kindle : PDF, eBook and Epub • Price : € 8,99 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8/10 ♦ Description : “Extract from the introduction – We both had dogs when we were kids. Although we were neither their true master, it was up to us to walk them. The expectations of children are different from those of adults. First, they do not believe in the leash. And since we were both raised in the city, we had to teach our dogs to stay with us during the walks. We do not remember either the way we did it. Our dogs were probably smarter than us and it was for them to keep an eye on us rather than the other way around! It was from 1968 that we approached dog training in a more structured way. We had a Newfoundland and we were encouraged to join the local dog training club. Very soon, this pleasant hobby became a hobby, then a true vocation and we started organizing seminars and…

Rues barbares : Survivre en ville
Animal , Medic , Nature , Science , Tourism and Travel / June 29, 2018

• Title English : Barbarian Streets: Surviving in the City • Author : Piero San Giorgio and Vol West • Pages : 416 Sheet • Publisher : Le retour aux sources [Return to the roots] (December 7, 2012) • Collection : DOC RECIT ESSAI • ISBN-10 : 235512048X • ISBN-13 : 978-2355120480 • Product Dimensions : 20 x 3 x 14 cm • Format Kindle : PDF, DOCx, Epub and eBook • Price : € 21,00 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “How to survive in the city? The world is bad. We are entering a period of acceleration and convergence of considerable problems: overpopulation, shortage of oil and raw materials, climate disruption, unbridled globalization, colossal debts, economic, political, social, food and health crises. to fear that any collapse of “normal”, temporary or long-term life, will take most of us off guard and plunge us, with our families and friends, into a pitiless world, between famine and violence, between revolts and wars. And for the majority of the population living in the city, in real barbarian streets, these crises will be larger, than harder. For Piero San Giorgio, author of the bestseller “Surviving the economic collapse”, and for Vol West, author of the blog “The Survivalist” survival is a daily concern. In this book, they…

Aventure et survie
Nature , Tourism and Travel / June 29, 2018

• Title English : Adventure and survival • Author : John Wiseman • Pages : 672 Sheet • Publisher : Hachette Pratique [Hachette Practice] (April 1, 2016) • Collection : Jardins / Nature / Animaux • ISBN-10 : 2013966504 • ISBN-13 : 978-2013966504 • Product Dimensions : 13,6 x 2,6 x 21 cm • Format Kindle : Mobipocket, PDF, Epub and EBook • Price : € 18,50 • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “Provides adventure lovers and extreme tips to deal with any dangerous or critical situations in the wild and urban. Basic principles, survival in different climates, feeding, construction of a camp, orientation, natural disasters … With illustrations and detailed technical drawings.” Author Biography “John “Lofty” Wiseman is a former military and instructor. At age 18 in 1959, born out of Parachute Regiment, Wisemanest was the youngest member to pass the SAS (Special Air Service) entry selection. He then served the SAS for 26 years, until 1985, reaching the rank of sergeant major. His first book SAS Survival Handbook is published in 1986. The book SAS Survival Guide is now on iPhone in a version specially optimized for the Apple machine.”

Devine combien je t’aime
Animal , Fiction , Kids , Nature / June 19, 2018

• Title English : Guess how much I love you • Author : Sam McBratney (Author), Anita Jeram (Illustrator) • Age range : 3 – 5 years • Pages : 34 Sheet • Publisher : L’Ecole des loisirs [The School of Leisure] (April 2000) • Collection : Les lutins [Leprechauns] • ISBN-10 : 2211037453 • ISBN-13 : 978-2211037457 • Product Dimensions : 14,6 x 0,6 x 19 cm • Format Kindle : DOCx, PDF, Paperback and iBook • Price : € 5,00 FREE !!! • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “Before going to sleep Little Brown Hare asks Big Brown Hare “Guess how much I love you”. “I love you big like that,” he said, spreading his arms … And each one takes turns measuring his affection, through all kinds of acrobatics that parents and children (under three years old and up) can reproduce together. Illustrated with pastel colored drawings, the story is conceived a little like a new one with a fall full of poetry … – Emmanuel Figueras” Author Biography “Sam McBratney was born in 1943 in Northern Ireland. He started writing children’s stories while he was a professor of history and political science in Dublin. He has already published dozens of texts including the world famous Devine how much I love…

Même les légumes ont un sexe
Animal , Medic , Nature , Politic , Science / June 7, 2018

• Title English : Even vegetables have a sex • Author : Nathalie HELAL • Pages : 208 Sheet • Publisher : Solar (April 12, 2018) • Collection : Les pieds dans le plat ! • ISBN-10: 2263155228 • ISBN-13: 978-2263155222 • Product Dimensions : 14,1 x 1,9 x 22,6 cm • Format Kindle : PDF, Epub, DOCx and eBook • Price : € 18,90 FREE !!! • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10 ♦ Description : “From aphrodisiacs to the foodporn, discover the close links between gastronomy and eroticism through a playful and general public. Did you know that oysters have long been associated with sexual pleasure? That chocolate was seen by the lovers of the Countess Du Barry as a stimulant? That the first restaurants of Paris opened in the nineteenth century in the “hot” district of the capital? Potion of Antiquity or cream Babette, cloister or brothel, La Grande Bouffe detox juice likes on social networks, how our diet is revealing the sexuality of an era? Mixing historical anecdotes, scientific lighting and popular culture, from aphrodisiacs to foodporn and #balancetonporc, the author paints the great fresco of the idyll between gastronomy and eroticism.” Authors biography “Nathalie Helal Author of numerous books on gastronomy and cookbooks, Nathalie Helal is a journalist in print and radio…

Je veux des poules ! (Larousse attitude – Animaux)
Animal , Home & Garden , Nature / May 31, 2018

• Title English : “Larousse attitude – Animals)” • Author : Patricia Beucher • Pages : 96 Sheet • Publisher : Larousse (March 3, 2010) • Size of the file : 12947 KB • ASIN: B00BEH996O • Format Kindle : DOCx, Paperback, PDF and eBook • Price : € 2,49 FREE !!! • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  6/10 ♦ Description : “A funny little guide to succeed his first breeding chickens, even if we are not born in the countryside! This book, alert and humorous rhythm, thwarts all the traps of this small domestic breeding that is a farmyard.” Authors Biography “Journalist specialized garden, columnist on RTL and author of many titles including I want chickens! and Gardening without (too much watering) at Larousse. She is a specialist in organic gardening and has been providing observations and advice for years in order to avoid stress for Sunday gardeners! A journalist specializing in garden and nature subjects, Patricia Beucher has been providing her observations and advice for years in order to avoid stress for Sunday gardeners. She has written about fifteen books on the subject among which: The beautiful garden of the lazy (2000), The Good addresses of the gardener on a spree, My little organic backyard (2009). It can be heard on RTL…

Le Loup qui apprivoisait ses emotions (grand format)
Animal , Kids , Nature / May 30, 2018

• Title English : “The Wolf who tamed his emotions (large format)” • Author : Orianne Lallemand (Author) and Eleonore Thuillier (Illustrator) • Pages : 32 Sheet • Publisher : AUZOU EDITIONS (October 5, 2017) • Collection : Mes grands albums • ISBN-10: 2733851489 • ISBN-13: 978-2733851487 • Product Dimensions : 25,7 x 1,3 x 25,7 cm • Age group : 3 years and over • Format Kindle : PDF, DOCx, ePUB and eBook • Price : € 9,80 FREE !!! • Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  7/10 ♦ Description : “Once upon a time there was a good wolf who lived in a beautiful forest, surrounded by all his friends. He called Wolf. But this wolf had a problem: he was too emotional. Happy, angry, sad, excited, he changed his mood from one hundred to one hour! Fortunately his friends had a plan to teach him to control his emotions and regain control of him.” Authors Biography “Orianne Lallemand – is in love with words and has a lot of fun inventing funny and original stories. Former fashion designer, eleonore Thuillier animates with tenderness and originality Wolf and his friends with his brushes. Young author, Orianne Lallemand lives in Brittany, near Dinard. In love with words, she divides her time between writing, meetings or writing workshops,…