October 19, 2018

• Title English : Candid
• Author : Voltaire, Stéphane Maltere and Christine Girodias-Majeune
• Pages : 160 Sheets
• Publisher : MAGNARD (May 9, 2013)
• Collection : Classiques & Patrimoine
• ISBN-10 : 2210760852
• ISBN-13 : 978-2210760851
• Product Dimensions : 18 x 0,9 x 13 cm
• Format Kindle : PDF, Docx and iBook
• Price : 2,95
• Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6/10

♦ Description : “Classics & Heritage – The only educational classics with flaps, from 2.95 euros only! a flap History of the arts: a large-scale work of art to study in class, a flap Chronological references: an illustrated chronological frieze from Antiquity to the present day.

Candide of Voltaire:

The most famous philosophical tale of Voltaire is a funny and fierce work in which the author leads us with his hero in search of the best of worlds …

Literary notions addressed: the philosophical tale; parody and rewriting; utopia.

Contextualization: the engagement in the 18th century ; the journey to the eighteenth century. ; the quest for happiness in the Age of Enlightenment.

History of the arts: libertinism in painting of the eighteenth century. ; the garden in the eighteenth century painting.

Work of art of the flap: Tower / Lemonnier

With in addition, in this edition:
the full text and footnotes
a presentation of Voltaire and his time
thematic sessions with progressive questionnaires
Heritage and History of the Arts sections to enrich students’ culture
a lot of iconographic material exploited
grammar, spelling and vocabulary questions
Method boxes
a lexicon adapted to the work”

Author Biography



“François-Marie Arouet, known as Voltaire (1694-1778), is at the head of a real philosophical movement that radiates throughout Europe. His work dominates the production of the century. Voltaire tries with various successes to all literary genres: theater, dialogues, historical works, novels and tales (Zadig, Candide, L’Ingénu, Micromegas), poetry, essays, scientific and cultural articles, texts of literary criticism, pamphlets. A huge letter-writer, he will write more than 20,000 letters … His work bears witness to the struggle of a life against lies and imposture, illusion and stupidity.

“Men are insects devouring each other on a small atom of mud.” Who exactly is Voltaire (1694-1778)? Is he first of all the defender of the Calas, Sirven, La Barre, that is to say the apostle of tolerance, the one whose name, even today, mobilizes crowds all over the planet? Is it especially, with his Century of Louis XIV and his Essay on manners and the spirit of nations, the promoter of a new writing of History? Should we consider him the greatest tragedian of his age, the equal, in his time, of Racine and Corneille? Can we forget that he was an outstanding financier, even a real businessman? Was not he consecrated, at the end of his life, lord of the village? And who else but himself became, in the Age of Enlightenment, the icon of an entire people? It is from this man, and from this people, that this is the question.”


“Stéphane Maltere”

“Born in 1977, Stéphane Maltère is professor of Modern Literature in Clermont-Ferrand. He is vice-president of the “Friends of Pierre Benoit” and regularly publishes articles about the author of “L’Atlantide” in the “Cahiers” of the association. In 2012, he published “Pierre Benoit, the Amazing Traveler” (Albin Michel), a biographical album about the novelist, as well as an educational edition of “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe (Magnard).

In 2013, two editions were published: “Candide” Voltaire (Magnard) and “Arsene Lupine, gentleman-burglar” Maurice Leblanc (Magnard). He publishes a biography of Madame de Sévigné (Gallimard). In 2014, he established the educational apparatus of “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll and “Croix de Bois” by Roland Dorgelès (Magnard). In 2015, he published a “Special Brevet – French and History of the Arts” (Magnard), as well as the following educational editions: “The Two Horla” of Maupassant, “Memories of a rat” of Pierre Chaine, “Genres and Forms from the Argumentation “(Magnard). He publishes a biography of George Orwell (Gallimard).”



“Author of textbooks, Christine Girodias-Majeune is Lecturer at the University (Communication / Methodology of the explanation of texts and the dissertation)”